The Arch of Titus in Rome

Paul to the Romans

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From Guilt to Glory! 

     That, in its essence, is the message of the Good News about Jesus. His resurrection promises us a future life, even though today we are guilty before the Law of God. Paul tells us how to enter this life now, how to live and endure in it, until the Day of Redemption comes.

Resources for Romans:

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Reason To Rejoice by Ray C. Stedman

Romans 1-7 For YOU by Timothy Keller

Romans 8-16 For YOU by Timothy Keller

The Recordings:

Romans 1:1-17                 “The Power of God”

Romans 1:18-32              “The Wrath of God”

Romans 2:1-16                 “The Judgment of God”

Romans 2:17-3:8             “The Judgment of God Pt 2” 

Romans 3:9-31                 “The Righteousness of God”

Romans 4:1-25                 “Righteousness of Abraham”

Romans 5:1-21                 “The Peace of God”

Romans 6-7:6                    “Servants of God”

Romans 7:7-8:11             “The Monster In Us”

Romans 8:12-39              “Sons of God”

Romans 9-10                      “Paul’s Burden”

Romans 11                           “The Glory of Israel”

Romans 12:1-13               “Love and The Church”

                                     Article: “The Gifts of the  Spirit” 

Romans 14:1-18               “Stop Judging”

Romans 14:19-15:13     “Start Building”

Romans 15:14-16:27     “Paul’s Plans”

                                     Article: “Paul’s Evangelism” 

Romans Summary           “The King is HERE!”

                                     Video: The Bible Project Romans 

Romans Paul’s End          “I Kept The Faith…”

                                      Maps:     2nd Journey  

                                                        3rd Journey

                                                        Journey to Rome

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