Where The Bible And Technology Merge …

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What is BIBLEtek?

It is a site  devoted to Bible Study and all that is associated

with the pursuit of knowing and understanding the Bible. 

Of course, the goal of Bible Study is to know and to grow in our Faith in Jesus Christ. The Bible is about Him

What is the “-tek” part?

More and more of us are using PCs, Macs, iPads and iPhones to study the Bible. 

These tools are complex and sometimes hard to use. 

Part of this site is devoted to technology and how to use it effectively.

How did it start?    

    I built this site for my friends to use.  That is my priority. My friends were downloading Bible Class recordings and slides that I was storing in Dropbox. I am going to move those studies to this site It makes it much easier for them. 

    As for me, I am …

… a Retired CRNA

    Most of you will not know what CRNA means. Let me explain …

I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. I was Certified in 1973 by the AANA. That is the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. I practiced for about 20 years in Lincoln, NE. Then my wife Sheri and I moved to Indianapolis, IN in 1993. I became the Chief of OB Anesthesia for the Community Health Systems. We were there for 12 years, but then the birth of grandchildren brought us to Southern Maryland in 2005.  I retired from a 44 year career as a CRNA in December of 2017. I was employed by Alliance Anesthesia Associates, a group of great guys, at MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital in Leonardtown MD. 

    If you are interested in knowing more about Nurse Anesthesia, visit the AANA Site at, or Contact me and I will be glad to help.

… a Bible Study Teacher

    I was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ in 1976 in Lincoln NE at Indian Hills Community Church, where Pastor Gil Rugh is still teaching and preaching the Gospel of Grace after more than 50 years. It was there I developed a desire to learn about Jesus, and to teach about Him as well.  I went on to study Greek and Hebrew as a layman. Though I have had many struggles in my life, I have continued to press on by His Grace.

    I teach a class Sunday mornings at Grace Brethren Church in Waldorf MD. I also teach in a small home group near my home in Leonardtown MD. 

    I have two teenage granddaughters now, and it is my great pleasure that they are part of our Bible Study home group.

… And a Computer Geek

    I use Macs, PCs, Android tablets, iPhones and iPads. I like to build custom PCs. I have earned certifications from CompTIA in A+ (computer maintenance and repair) and Network+.  My goal is to become certified in Network Security. (Check my other site: TDS I.T. Consulting )

    I have merged the Bible and Tech into my personal life, so …

Why not do it in a website?

Timothy Semple, CRNA, BSA

Leonardtown MD


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