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More Faithful Ministries…

Southern Maryland


    If you would like PowerPoints of the Slides for your own Bible Study Group, eMail me and I will make them available to you. I also have Mac Keynote slides.

Pastor Erwin Lutzer

Moody Church

“Hitler’s Cross”

Erwin Lutzer

What happens when the forces of evil 

meet a shrinking church? 

Could history repeat itself?

New York

Redeemer Presbyterian Churches

Pastor Timothy Keller (Ret.)

You can get this book from Amazon

or Moody Church Media. 

Click any link to find out more …

Looking For A Good Bible Commentary?

This one is Excellent!

“Bible Knowledge Commentary”

From the Staff at Dallas Theological Seminary

Buy it from Amazon

Bible Study Software?



For PC (Free!) or Mac ($9.99)

This is Rick Meyers great Bible Study tool.

Has many resources, some free, some at a reasonable cost.

Click on “e-Sword” to go to Rick’s site for the Free PC download.

The Mac App Store has the Mac version. Search for e-sword.

You can get the “Bible Knowledge Commentary” listed above 

for e-Sword ($34.99). 

The install key works for both PC and Mac versions


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