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     Hebrews is written in about 66 AD to followers of Jesus Christ who were suffering severe persecution. Many of them were turning back to Judaism and the Temple, trying to make peace with the leaders who had crucified their Savior. The writer of Hebrews is exhorting them in two ways: by encouraging them — showing that Jesus is the only true and final revelation of God the Father; and by warning them — showing that there is no longer any reality in the system which they think will bring them peace. Jesus is the real, and better, High Priest. 

     Hebrews is a sermon that fully describes the present ministry of the ascended Jesus. Jesus, who resides in the Heavenly Sanctuary, is our Great High Priest. He is leading us and saving us in the  present, as we wait for Him to bring us into His glorious city in the future.

     We must persevere, and faithfully follow Him, and not turn back.

07 God and Angels REDO

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{Combines parts 1 and 2 of “God and Angels”)

29 Hebrews “Fly Over” Summary

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