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     The Book of Hebrews is written to Jewish Christians in about 66 AD. These were followers of Jesus Christ and the Apostles and they were suffering severe persecution in Jerusalem at the hands of the Jewish leaders. Because of this, many of them were turning back to the Temple, trying to make peace with the same leaders who had crucified their Savior. The writer of Hebrews is exhorting them in two ways: by encouraging them — showing that Jesus is the only true and final revelation of God the Father; and by warning them — showing that there is no longer any reality in the system which they think will bring them peace. Jesus is the real, and better, High Priest. He is the only High Priest of this age. 

     Hebrews is the only book that so fully describes the present ministry of Jesus. He resides in the Heavenly Sanctuary as our Great High Priest. He is saving us from present sin as we wait for Him to bring us to Glory. 

     We must persevere, and faithfully follow Him, and not turn back.

Open the Sound File (MP3) first, then open the PDF Slide file. 

They will open in separate windows and you can follow the slides as you listen to the recording.

(Note: The PDFs are large files. They may take a minute or two to fill in. Be patient. 

To download a file to your computer to listen to it a later time, do a “right” click on the link 

then select “Save Link As …” Then save it to the Download folder on your PC.

07 God and Angels REDO

PDF Slides

{Combines parts 1 and 2 of “God and Angels”)

A good “companion” to the study of Hebrews. An overview of Ephesians that describes what a believer possesses in salvation. This is a straightforward look at the misguided views and pitfalls that weaken Christians and hinder Christ-like  maturity.

(Can be viewed on AMAZON)

The study of Future Rewards by Erwin Lutzer is another great companion to the study of Hebrews. When we stand before Jesus and see clearly how we lived our lives, we may weep on the other side of the Heavenly gates.

(Can be viewed on AMAZON)

An understanding of Melchizedek is critical in the study and application of the book of Hebrews. I think Melchizedek is the very “heart” of the book. In this little booklet, Gil Rugh masterfully explains Melchizedek and how he relates to our lives in Christ. Are we “too dull to hear”? I trust not!

(Download PDF Here