The Kings of Israel

The Kings of Israel

      I begin this study with Psalm 1, called the “Doorway to the Psalms.” It is not so much a Psalm as a proverb. A proverb that describes The Blessed Man who is on a path which ends with the Assembly of the Righteous. It is not an easy path, and if you study through the Psalms you find the Blessed Man walking through horrendous suffering and oppressive circumstances. Yet he never quits! 

     At the far end of the journey for the Blessed Man we find the final king of Israel, Jesus Christ. Jesus lays out His platform for the “Grand Entrance” into His Kingdom in the Sermon on the Mount. And the man who strives forward and enters this Kingdom? The Blessed Man! Jesus describes the character of the Blessed Man with “Beatitudes.” We get to see the fullness and the richness of his character that begins in Psalm 1. 

    What is in between the “Doorway” and the “Grand Entrance?” A line of kings. Actually, two lines of kings. A line that begins with the story of Samuel, the king-maker, and goes through Saul and David and Solomon, and then splits into the line of the kings of Israel and the line of the kings of Judah. Most of them are wicked kings. And even the good kings are badly flawed. 

     This is our journey. Along the way we can compare the character of the Blessed Man to each king along the way. We ask ourselves, “Which path am I following?” Or better “Whose path am I following?” It is the final King Jesus that is perfect, sinless; the truly Blessed Man. It is Jesus who carries the ideals of that early Sermon all the way to the Cross on Golgotha. Without the Cross, the beatitudes are mere platitudes. But because of Jesus, who died as the perfect man in our place, we can live them, because He lives in us. Jesus said, “You can tell the tree by its fruit.”

Fruit that comes “in its season” as we follow him!

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“There are few things as divisive as politics. But the question for Jesus followers is this……

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This book, first offered in French, offers guidelines to assist Christians in determining how best to participate in the political arena as citizens who have a dual citizenship: in heaven and in the country of their residence.

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