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How do sinful people worship and live in a relationship with a God who will tolerate no evil? The Lord tells Israel “Be Holy because I Am Holy.” 

The book of Leviticus tells them how they can BE holy. He shows the them the way to fellowship and life with Him. And He shows them that there is only ONE WAY!

Open the Sound File (MP3) first, then open the PDF Slide file. 

They will open in separate windows and you can follow the slides as you listen to the recording.

(Note: The PDFs are large files. They may take a minute or two to fill in. Be patient. 

To download a file to your computer to listen to it a later time, do a “right” click on the link 

then select “Save Link As …” Then save it to the Download folder on your PC.

Leviticus is about Sanctification

     The Lord God chose a people and created a nation called Israel to represent Him. We are called to do exactly the same thing. We are not a nation. We are the Church. But the Lord wants to sanctify us just as He wanted to sanctify Israel. That is the theme of Jim Berg’s excellent book. 

Here is an excerpt from Page 1

     “This book is about sanctification. Sanctification is the word used to describe the Bible’s teaching about how we are sanctified or made holy. The Bible teaches that a person becomes a Christian by accepting Jesus Christ as a personal substitute for the penalty of sin. Once he becomes a child of God, God begins a process in him that changes him to become more like Christ in his attitudes, ambitions, and actions. God will use many things to accomplish this change, including temptations, trials, the local church, Christian friends, His Word, and his Spirit. Sanctification is progressive. [It] is not something that happens all at once. It is a process of change that the Bible calls growth.”