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     The Life of Jesus Christ; son of Mary, son of Joseph, son of God. John MacArthur called His life “One Perfect Life” in his book by that name. His life has been studied by historians, heathens, saints and sinners.  We are going to view Him through the eyes of the Gospel writers and read the writings of historians of His day. Many know “of Him”. Many have “come to Him”. Those who truly hear His call are radically changed. When we study His life with the desire  follow Him, to be like Him, He will change us even more. God’s desire for us is that we “be conformed to the Image of HIS Son”—to God’s Glory!

Open the Sound File (MP3) first, then open the PDF Slide file. 

They will open in separate windows and you can follow the slides as you listen to the recording.

(Note: The PDFs are large files. They may take a minute or two to fill in. Be patient.) 

To download a file to your computer to view or listen to it a later time, do a “right” click on the link 

then select “Save Link As …” Then save it to the Download folder on your PC.

THE Major Resource  

for this study is 

“The Harmony of the Gospels” 

by A.T. Robertson. 

You can Download it

as a PDF  HERE …


A Book I Heartily


John takes you through the Life of Jesus using both Old Testament and Gospel passages. A great day to day devotional, as well as a good background for this study.

Excellent !!

     The words, the miracles, and message of Jesus the Messiah come alive in a detailed chronology, set against the cultural, political, and religious setting of His day.  Both Kindle and Print versions

The Works and Words of


3000 Years:

From Tabernacle to Temple

An excellent book with fold-out transparent graphics. All the Temples from the Tabernacle of Moses to the  Future Millennial Temple.  I recommend the Spiral Bound version.


     Bill Walker does the best series on the Sermon on the Mount that I have ever heard.      Click “The Good Life” to go to the series.

     Bill is the pastor of Unity Bible Church in Lewiston Maine.

For Bill’s church site click here.

Should the Church be involved 

in politics? 

How do Christians respond to candidates and the differing perspectives of church leaders who evaluate the political picture? This book, first offered in French, offers guidelines to assist Christians in determining how best to participate in the political arena as citizens who have a dual citizenship: in heaven and in the country of their residence.

   Erwin Lutzer is truly     

“a watchman on the wall”…

   He confronts a compro-

mised American Church

and a lost American 

generation. And he does 

it with pastoral concern 

and wisdom. 

    He certainly convicted 

me with his challenging 

words, and moved me to 

consider the need for 

humility and holy action 

in my life. 

I heartily recommend this book!

See it on AMAZON

  What happens when the Forces of Evil confront a Silent Church?

Could history repeat itself?

   This is one of the most important books Pastor Lutzer has ever written…

See it on AMAZON

or Moody Church Media

      Herod Antipas 

       Jesus called him 

          “That Fox” 

   This is quite a story! 

Son of Herod the Great, 

tetrarch of Galilee and 

Perea, murderer of John 

the Baptist, and political 

enemy of Jesus. 

    Hoehner is an expert 

in the Life of Christ and 

this book is testament to his excellent research.

    I highly recommend this book, but it is not for the casual reader. This a book of footnotes, resources, a huge bibliography. It is however, a book that gives the best background of the politics, culture and religious opposition that Jesus faced in His earthly walk. 

See it on AMAZON

      Pontius Pilate

       by Paul Maier

An easy to read historical      

novel of the man who 

washed his hands of the 


Paul L. Maier creates a 

fictional documentary 

based on historically 

known facts of Pilate’s life 

and rise to power and the 

political climate of first-century Judea. He unveils the untold story that changed history for all time.

See it on AMAZON

A Really Great Podcast Series

The Gospel of


A study by Wayne Stiles. He has really helped me personally in my life with Jesus.

He brings out things I missed or did not notice in my own study, and I think you will enjoy this as I have—and will learn much from it. 

Podcast available for iPhone and Android. 

Click the Live the Bible link above. 

(Click “Go to the Blog” IF an intro page comes up, unless you want his Free Book).

Ten Lies About God

Relevant Answers to Life’s 

Biggest Questions

     Erwin Lutzer says, “Since our ideas of God are the most important thing about us, we are challenged to submit ourselves to what God has said about Himself in the Scriptures.”

     Here are 10 sermons that answer the  questions Pastor Lutzer poses.

Click the picture above to go the page

When God Comes To Church

How God Transforms a Community

Another series by Pastor Lutzer: 

     A series based on 1 Thessalonians. The Gospel transforms communities and cities. When the church takes its calling seriously, it has an impact beyond its walls. 

Click the picture above to go the page

Links to my Grace Church Sermons

“Declared Clean!” Video or Audio

“Do You Want To Be Well?” Video or Audio

Meditations on

The Psalms       

by Dr. Tim Keller

A daily devotional

for prayer and meditation.

See it on AMAZON

Listen to Tim’s Podcast on using the Psalms:

“Teach Us To Pray”


Pastor Gil Rugh, Th.D.

A Very Detailed Study

This is a recent study in Revelation 

     Pastor Rugh teaches the Bible in a clear and systematic way. He will challenge you both intellectually and spiritually. His focus is always “to make Jesus known to everyone”!

Click the picture above to go the page

Restoring The Soul

Healing in an Age of Brokenness

Another series by Pastor Lutzer: 

     God can forgive our sins and restore our souls. We see this so clearly in the life, and the death, and the resurrection and the glory of Jesus. We are never beyond the reach of His Grace! A series of 7 Sermons. 

(The Card File is part of the first sermon)

Click the picture above to go the page

Dr. Doug Bookman

The Good Confession of Jesus Christ

This is a great message about Jesus standing before Pilate, when Pilate questions Jesus privately. Doug Bookman has a very different style of teaching. 

You will learn and grow in the Lord!

Click HERE to select the Message.

There are two options:

Audio and Download

Click HERE to watch the YouTube Video

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