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Magnifying Jesus

A Study of the Glory of Jesus in The Gospel Message

     This is a study of Paul’s epistles from Galatians to Colossians. It is an overview that looks at the unique way that Paul magnifies and elevates the Person and the Work of Jesus. These are critically important letters to the churches he founded and taught. They are critically important to us today.

    These epistles show us the complete freedom and the certain inheritance we have as God’s adopted children. These letters from Paul give a compelling motivation to magnify Jesus in our lives, as we serve Him in a dying culture.

Open the Sound File (MP3) first, then open the PDF Slide file. 

They will open in separate windows and you can follow the slides as you listen to the recording.

(Note: The PDFs are large files. They may take a minute or two to fill in. Be patient. 

To download a file to your computer to listen to it a later time, do a “right” click on the link 

then select “Save Link As …” Then save it to the Download folder on your PC.