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Used by Permission March 2017.


     The Book of Proverbs.  A “Collection of Collections” by the wise men of Israel. The main contributor, of course, is Solomon, the son of David, the King of Israel. The book begins with a father instructing a son in the ways of righteousness and wisdom. The theme of the book is in this first section (1:7). The father wants to make sure his son understands that “to have knowledge, true knowledge from the Lord, you must first have respect and reverence for the Lord”. In other words, the son must set aside his own self-sufficiency and rely on the Lord for the knowledge that leads to wisdom. The wisdom that is the skillful application of the knowledge he gains. 

     Proverbs deals with life in all of its aspects: morality, manners, money, marriage, thieves and harlots, fools and wise men, friends and family. We hear from lady wisdom calling from the gates; calling the simple and the naive to learn her ways; calling the fools to repent and return to her ways. We hear from the gentile ruler, Lemuel (Chapter 31), who learned wisdom from his mother, a woman who excelled in the wisdom portrayed by lady wisdom early in the book. 

     Proverbs calls us to live in a righteous manner because we have a righteous and holy God. It is about “acting out” the Ways of God as revealed in the Words of God. Follow His ways and there is blessing, peace and long life. Turn from His ways and there is calamity and disaster. But then there is the warning: nothing in this life is guaranteed. The Lord may allow the wicked to prosper for a season, and allow the righteous to suffer for reasons only He knows. But in all circumstances, wisdom is possible, because “the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord”.

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“Hitler’s Cross”

Erwin Lutzer

This book goes well with Proverbs

“Evil Speech comes from Evil Men”

When the Church looks for “rescue” from political leaders and we link the Cross of Christ to a political party, people become like sheep being led to slaughter. It happened in Germany. Can it happen here? Erwin Lutzer shows us the warning signs. 

I highly recommend it!

You can get this book from Amazon, from Friends of Israel

or Moody Church Media. 

Click any link to find out more …

David Hubbard’s “Proverbs” from The Preacher’s Commentary series, I believe, is the best commentary on the Book of Proverbs for any Bible student. He has a writing style that is easy to read and insights that are clear and practical. This is a book you will turn to over and over again for its rich insights about life and wisdom.

(See it on AMAZON)


by John MacArthur

This is a perfect companion message to the 

“Open Ears and Full Hands” Study.  

There are 2 messages about an hour each:

Part ONE

Part TWO

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