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The Revealing of Jesus Christ: The Return of The KING!

    The Book of Revelation begins where the letter to the Hebrews ends. It opens with Jesus Christ revealing Himself to John from His present glory, and describes His ministry among the Seven Churches as the Great High Priest, correcting and encouraging His people as we await His return. Then the real drama begins. Jesus Himself breaks the seals of a scroll held in the hand of His Father, and this unleashes the greatest time of tribulation and chaos the world will ever see. This terrible time time ends, however, with the One who stands in Glory NOW, actually coming to this earth and building a Kingdom that will last 1000 years. The present High Priest will be the future Davidic King.

Open the Sound File (MP3) first, then open the PDF Slide file. 

They will open in separate windows and you can follow the slides as you listen to the recording.

(Note: The PDFs are large files. They may take a minute or two to fill in. Be patient. 

To download a file to your computer to listen to it a later time, do a “right” click on the link 

then select “Save Link As …” Then save it to the Download folder on your PC.

“Hitler’s Cross”

by Erwin Lutzer

Do you want help understanding what the 

Anti-Christ will be like?

Adolf Hitler may be a good example.

    When the Church looks for “rescue” from political leaders, and we link the Cross of Christ to a political party, we are like sheep being led to slaughter. It happened in Germany. Can it happen here? Erwin Lutzer shows us the warning signs. 

I highly recommend it!

You can get this book from Amazon,  

or Moody Church Media. 

Click any link to find out more …

“The Rapture”

by Gil Rugh

Pastor, Indian Hill Community Church

Are you looking for Jesus to Return?

It could be at any moment!

Here is a great little booklet that helps explain why this is our Hope!

There are a variety of views about The Rapture. So can we really know which one is correct?  Using historical and grammatical principles, Gil Rugh says “Yes, we can know.” God's prophetic message has remained the same throughout Scripture, and God's plan for the future is clear. 

This book is a free down-loadable PDF:

Just Click on the Book Above

To see more booklets by Gil Rugh

Click this link:

(All down-loadable PDFs)

The Coming Prince

Sir Robt. Anderson

A Classic Study of “the coming prince” of Daniel 9:26-27 

A great aid in the study of the Man of Sin in 2 Thess 2:2-6

See it on AMAZON

Or CLICK HERE and download the FREE PDF to read on your PC (158 pages)

      Want to understand 

     differing views about 

        The Millennium? 

    John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue 

provide a clear and convincing Biblical 

explanation using Scripture to prove 

the reality of Christ's millennial reign 

on earth. Christ's Prophetic Plans 

shows the certain fulfillment of God's 

promises to Israel, and shows the 

crucial differences between Israel as 

a future nation and the present New 

Testament Church. 

     The chapter by Matthew Waymeyer on “Revelation 20 “ alone is worth the price of the book.         

See it on AMAZON

         YES He IS Coming!

     This is Erwin Lutzer at his best!  

   A sensible presentation of truth based on Biblical evidence. He shows us what is yet to come, and it is beyond the scope of our wildest projections. Pastor Lutzer wants to give us Hope, and to assure that we have not been left in the dark. And we won’t be “left behind.” I am on my second read through this book.

I highly recommend this one!

See it on AMAZON 

Or see it on MOODY MEDIA

When Do People Receive Their “Resurrected” Bodies?

     This excellent chart from the Friends of Israel magazine “Israel My Glory” clearly outlines the answer for us.

You can download the PDF here

Consider Subscribing to “Israel My Glory” Magazine. Go to the FOI Site here