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    If you are not using Windows 10, I would highly recommend it. If you are using Windows 7 right now, or have used Windows 7 in the past and have moved to Windows 8, I think you will find that Windows 10 is the best of both Win 7 and Win 8. The thing is, it is better than both of them as well: better security, better apps, better browser, better interface. And the upgrade to Windows 10 is free for most users until July of 2016. 

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Want help with Windows 10? There are helpful links on this Windows Link:

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Protecting Your PC

     Windows 10 has great security features features built in. You want to make sure that you have them activated. Of course, the best way to avoid malware, viruses and other evils that affect your PC, is to be very careful where you go on the internet. But since we all surf the “net”, there are things you can get for your Windows PC that make it that much safer.

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    Get Your Updates!

    Windows Defender

    Stop Being Tracked

    Get MalWareBytes AV

    Set Up System Restore

Best FREE Office Software

     Don’t use Microsoft Word, Excel, or other Office software enough to make it cost effective? I have found a great alternative that acts and works like MS Office. It will convert any MS Office document almost perfectly (notice I said almost) … 

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