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“Where The Bible and Technology Merge”

The Bible and Tech

More and more we are using phones, tablets,

PCs and Macs to study and learn the Bible. 

If you are here, you prove that point. 

I do hope you can find something that blesses you and draws you closer to the greatest experience we can ever know—

a real living relationship with our great Savior—Jesus Christ!

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A Video called “Authentic Hope”

by Danielle Strickland

Bible Study Archive

Paul to Timothy

Paul’s two letters to his “true son in the faith” are very personal. Paul reminds me of the father in the Proverbs telling his son, “My son, keep my words and treasure up my commandments in you…Prov 7:1” 

Paul to the Ephesians

The Union Of All Things. That is God’s plan that He has had all along, as the book of Ephesians clearly tells us. 

   God’s Plan is: “…to bring all Creation together, everything—in heaven and on earth, with Christ [Messiah] as the Head.”


Paul to the Romans

     Guilt to Glory! is the message of the Good News about Jesus. His resurrection promises us a future life, even though today we are guilty before the Law of God. Paul tells us how to enter this life now, how to live and endure in it until the Day of Redemption comes.

The Kings of Israel   

A study that begins with Samuel and ends with Nebuchadnezzar, the great Babylonian King.  Why a Babylonian King? Because of Israel’s sin, God must take His people into captivity to Babylon.

The Life of Christ   

The son of Mary, adopted son of Joseph and pre-eminent Son of God. God’s desire is that we become transformed into the image of His Beloved Son.

Magnifying Jesus  

 An overview from Galatians to Colossians that focuses on the Glory of Jesus. This is a Glory promised to us, and we we will share with Him when He comes and renews all things!


 Jesus is our Great High Priest and our living ascended Lord. His love and care for us as a faithful priest is more fully revealed in this great sermon than anywhere else in the 

New Testament.

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